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Scioli-Grimlock by Lemniskate
I like Tom Scioli's design for Grimlock in Transformes vs G. I. Joe #3, but I don't like the realisation. Scioli's Grimlock has his head hovering in the mouth of the Tyrannosaurus. That seems pretty lazy to me.
I also seem to remember to have read somewhere that Scioli thinks that Kirby's style is the perfect choice for comics. As in generally for all comics. (I could try to find the interview, but I'm lazy. If he said something different, my arguments are void, of course.) Obviously, I can't agree with that. Imagine Spiegelman's Maus,  Strapi's Persepolis or Thompson's Habibi in Kirby's style. I wouldn't want to. And the more issues of TF vs. G.I.Joe come out, the more I'm convinced that Scioli's Kirby-inspired style isn't optimal for the story he wants to tell. The story gets darker and darker and because I'm no G.I.Joe fan, I have no attachment to those characters, so for me both the Joes and Cobras are unsympathetic. I'm biased, though, as I'm preattached to the TF. I can't root for the Cons. But with Grimlock feeding some humans to Sharkticons, I've lost the last sympathetic faction. So there's no one to root for. And all this in this world of primary colours and lines I can't think of as not childish.
Stammsitz des Hauses Baelish by Lemniskate
Stammsitz des Hauses Baelish
Stammsitz des Hauses Bälisch :P Ich hatte die Nordseeküste (Friesland) und/oder die Westküste von Irland (Slea Head) vor meinem geistigen Auge.

Ancestral seat of House Baelish. I had in mind the North Sea coast or western coast of Ireland.
The young lord fidgeted uncomfortably.
„Why need musts learn I all these sigils? It’s not like I’ll ever see half of these ones.”
Young Lord Yryc Wryth was an unusually quarrelsome child of ought-and-nine, his hair bussed by fire; almost, almost a man grown, almost.
Proefessyr Cylmyry shoved a parchment aside as he sighed, being done with it.
„My lord, knowledge is a weapon sharper than any bidenhänder. You musts needs well be trained if you hope to ever reclaim your own house’s ancient seat.”
Yryc liked the old proefessyr well enough, but well, he had enough of these fruitless lessons.
„But why do I needs must musts to know the sigils of the houses from the Mountains of Glaciers, or of those ones from the Forest of Rain? Why are there even houses over the whole of Northeasteros? The Puffed Cheeks from the Peninsula of Toothpicks are hunters who worship the God of Stereotypical Activity of its Believers and the Wiggling Ears of Shaped-almost-like-a-crescent Island eat fruit all day and worship the Stereotypical God of the Activity of its Believers. These ones don’t need houses! An almost-a-man grows tired of these fragments of knowledge. And their sigils!”
Proefessyr Cylmyry leaned back in his own chair, annoyed, while Lord Yryc grabbed a parchment and hold it up, stabbing angrily with his own fingers at the sigils.
„These ones are stupid! House Rynwyyd: a score of cherries on a field of strawberry! House Wyydryn: a bundle of cranberries on a field of raspberry! It doesn’t matter if I know them all by mine own heart, all I’ll see will be red flags and patches!” When he said it, it occurred to him that the lessons were actually quite fruitful; fruity, even.
While Young Lord Yryc had worked up his anger, a serving girl was come with a dish made up of its ingredients for them to sup their per.
„Calm yourself, my lord,” proefessyr Cylmyry said. „Please think, what would thine own nuncle have said if he behold your unbecoming outbursts?”
The young lord quickly stood up, gesticulating angrily, and by doing so, knocking the descriptive dish from the girl’s own hands.
„Mine own nuncle was killed by Sysynny Stryngwynys! He can’t say anything anymore!” Tears welled in Lord Yryc’s own eyes. „Rather than sitting here I’d storm her castle, break her fast, kill all her kind and be done with it!”
Y Pyrydy yf Styly
I like George R. R. Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire" well enough, but his style is too quirky by half, and I'd rather he wrote normally and be done with it. Or write at all. Ahem.
LeGoTztes Abendmahl by Lemniskate
LeGoTztes Abendmahl
My roommate commissioned a picture: Leonard da Vinci's "Last Supper" with characters from Game of Thrones as LEGO. Size: 2x1 m. I made a tumblr for it if you want to follow my progress.

This is a small painting to get a feeling for the paint. It's a long time since I last painted with acrylics.
I'm trying my hand at doing commissions. Here's a selection what I imagine doing in the first run. Thematically I have a preference for fantasy, SF, superheroes and converting alien robots ;) Sexy stuff is okay; no porn, no gore.
Payment via paypal. I'll send you a preview when finished and full size after payment.
Note me if you're interested. We can also work out special wishes.

Simple figure coloured: 10
TFA Bruticus by Lemniskate Ewigjunge Fhjanna by Lemniskate Skopal by Lemniskate

Simple figure coloured with shadows: 15
Rubidus Magnus by Lemniskate Speedstream by Lemniskate

Full scene B/W with shadows: 25
Cosmic Duel by Lemniskate Kirby Crespian by Lemniskate Batyrstan by Lemniskate Rtenjunt Vandenaarmet rokjems by Lemniskate LQ 7-1 by Lemniskate

Comic page B/W: 35
Csirac 2-12 by Lemniskate Bulletproof Fancomic by Lemniskate TH 2RS page 3 inks by Lemniskate
(For further comics see my Drunkduck page


Knapp daneben ist auch daneben.

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